About Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (LMC) has been providing mechanical contracting services in the New York and New Jersey areas since 1973. In 1996, LMC moved its operations to its current location on Raymond Boulevard in Newark, NJ. Today, with an expanded shop area, rolling & bending facilities, a larger and improved office space, and huge parking area to accommodate our expanding fleet of service vehicles, we can handle any routine and or emergency contracting needs.

We undertake boiler, chiller, or utility piping installation, plant dismantling, rigging, as well as several other services for the paper, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. As a N.J. DPC - approved public works contractor, we serve the public or government sectors extensively. Trained under HAZMAT (Hazardous Material Training) standards, our personnel assure 100% safe installation and rebuilding of the entire plant. With mobile cranes and other material handling equipment, we handle more than 400 tons of machinery or equipment relocation in a month. 

Liberty Mechanical Contractors is bonded for public projects up to $5,000,000.

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